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Ha Thanh rubber lining workshop’s and facilities is located in Ba Ria -Vung Tau Province. We have customized our equipment over the years to give us the ability to apply a wide variety of materials to the interior of assorted tank, pipe spool shapes and dimensions. 

  • Vulcanizing the large pipe/vessel with size under ID 4mx10mmL in our large autoclave (ID. 4mx12mL)

  • Removing the lining if necessary by induction, by pyrolysis or manually

  • Preparation of the surface by grit blasting

  • Applying internal and/or external lining

  • Vulcanization in steam pressure Autoclaveor in self-vulcanization

  • Painting

  • Finishing

We offer a wide range of products and can also create unique products based on your needs as Food processing equipment, Piping, Fittings & Flanges, Water demineralization & Waste water tanks, Filters, screens & Scrubbers, Mine & Mineral processing, Agitators and Pump components.

Iron and Steel industry 

Pickling Tank, Degreasing Tank, Plating Tank.

Chemical industry

Various chemicals are used in the process of production in chemical plant. Ha Thanh select and apply suitable rubber lining material for internal tank, pipe spools to prevent corrosion from these chemicals. (Hydrochloric Acid Tank, Desalination System, Pure Water Production System). 

Popullation control equipment

Mainly applied to environmental loading reduction equipment in power plant and various plant. (Water Box Condenser, Incineration Plant, Wet FGD Systems).


Ha Thanh supply rubber linings for the most aggressive mining and quarrying applications to electrolysis refining system for zinc, nickel, copper, and chemical treatment equipment. (Gypsum Reactor, Ion Exchange Tower, Thickener).


Various chemicals are used in the process of production equipments. 

Remark chemical resistance

Chemical resistance are determined according to test results and actual long-term performance. And accurate material selection requires careful consideration in terms of operating conditions and specifications of equipment.

Therefore, please consult with us in advance for selection of rubber material against your chemical.


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