Rubber and Resin lining technology has been applied to various kinds mechanical devices, such as a water purification equipment, population control equipment, sea water desalination equipment and medical products manufacturing, etc…

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Ha Thanh Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in surface protection and offers solutions anti-corrosion, abrasion and chemical damage. Ha Thanh provide rubber lining and glass flake lining services to Chemical Processing, Petro Chemicals, Petroleum, Chlor-Alkali, Power Generation & FGD Equipment, Wind Energy / Wind Tower, FERTILIZER, Mining, Steel Mill, Pulp & Paper Industry, Pharmaceutical, Food, Environment Air Pollution Control, Water Treatment, Marine Ship Building, Naval, Engineering Companies, etc…


More than 10 years of experiences in Vietnam and supporting other areas.

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We established the business of rubber lining and synthetic coatings on metal and concrete surfaces to protect against equipment’s corrosion from the foundation of OHJI Rubber and Chemical Company Limited from Japan (1957). OHJI Japan Company is a rubber company famous for its quality, experience and is one of the leading rubber brands in Japan and the world. OHJI’s rubber and chemical products have been present in Vietnam since 1994.

In 2012, Ha Thanh Industrial Co., Ltd was appointed by OHJI Rubber Company to exclusively supply OHJI rubber products and synthetic coatings in the Vietnamese market.

Ha Thanh rubber lining 2012

By a team of experts and senior technicians with high professional qualifications, many years of experience from OHJI Rubber and Chemicals Company (Japan) guidance, dedicated teaching for many consecutive years; technical team and employees of Ha Thanh Company have acquired knowledge, techniques, skills, experience and know-how of advanced and scientific Japanese rubber lining Ha Thanh will bring the most sustainable finished products for you.


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