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Flake Lining is widely applied to FGD system, water treatment equipment, oil tank and several chemical process plant & field… Flake Lining will provide your installation with the most efficient and long-lasting corrosion resistance. 

  • Easy field application – Material hardening at normal temperature
  • Short application time – Easy for maintenance
  • Excellent chemical resistance and high temperature service – Up to 150℃ for gas
  • Reasonable cost

Applicable areas

Ha Thanh provides a complete range of new lining, inspection, repair and re-lining services.

FGS plants, HCL recycling system, Electroplating, Tap water supply system, Incinerator gas cleaning system, Brine electrolysis, Reaction system and decomposing system, Petroleum, Coke Oven Gas treatment, Metal pickling system, Waste water treatment plants, Pulp making system.

Concrete tanks, Dissolving tank


Pickling line, Chemicals storage tank, Electrolytic Tinning Line

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) in Power Plant 

OHJI Flake has turned attention to the feature of flake lining as well as rubber lining and organized flake lining system based on long years research & development.
Generally, typical resin lining is called FRP (Fiber glass reinforced plastics) lining, which is composed of organic resin and fiberglass.

Flake lining is the corrosion lining system composed of matrix resin and glass flake instead of fiberglass.

We offer professional application in FGD coatings services as;

  • Flake Lining and Rubber Lining Inside of the Absorber (Gas Inlet, Shell, Pray Zone, Sump Zone, Bottom, Agitator Level Shell, Mist Eliminator)

  • GGH Flake Lining (Raw Gas Duct, Gas Duct, Upstream, Downstream, Casing)

  • Slury tank

  • Concrete Pit

OHJI Flake lining material 

Anti-corrosion protection properties are depending on the type of resin and material compound formulation. It is important to select suitable resin and fillers for specific service condition.

Ha Thanh offer material, supervisor, application both or consulting material selection


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