Tank lorry



Are you looking for a safety and efficient way to transport chemicals?

Carbon steel tank lined with chemical resistant rubber inside is the new method of transporting chemicals (HCL, NACLO, NAOH, PAC).​

– Carbon steel tanks are cheap and easy to manufacture.
– Rubber lined inside has strong chemical, high temperature and vibration resistance.
– Easy to maintain and repair steel or rubber in case of corrosion.
– Saving cost.
– Be safety, professional and eco-friendly.

– Only few of Vietnam businesses have known about and applied this transport innovation.

Ha Thanh applies rubber lining for chemical tankers

Ha Thanh is specialist in inspection, repairing and rubber lining for the chemical storage and transport tankers.
We provide many services and coating solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications, include:
– Transporting and storing many kinds of chemical such as HCL, H2SO4, NACLO.
– ISO chemical tankers.
– PAC chemical tankers.


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