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Our Lining Services

Our Rubber Lining Scope Business

  • Design, Fabrication, Control and Application
  • Technical Assistance Service
  • Customized solutions for each problem presented

Rubber lining in Ha Thanh shop

  • We can vulcanizing the large pipe/vessel with size under ID 4mx10mmL in our large autoclave (ID. 4mx12mL)
  • Removing the lining if necessary by induction, by pyrolysis or manually
  • Preparation of the surface by grit blasting
  • Applying internal and/or external lining
  • Vulcanization in steam pressure Autoclave or in self-vulcanization
  • Painting
  • Finishing

Rubber lining Onsite work

Our experienced personnel are qualified to work on-site with equipment of any size by providing. We provide several services

  • Removing existing lining with pneumatic/electric material or with the Magnetic Induction System
  • Preparation of the surface by sanding, scraping or grit blasting
  • Applying lining
    • Rubber lining
    • Flake lining
    • Painting
  • Pressure vulcanization or Exhaust steam 
  • Self - vulcanization  

Rubber Lining Product

Rubber Lining Product

  • Pipes
  • Storage Tank
  • Pickling Tank - Pickling resin tank - Pickling Line (EGL)
  • Degreasing Tank
  • Plating Tank
  • Gypsum Reactor
  • Ion Exchange Tower
  • Thickener
  • Hydrochloric Acid Tank (HCL Tanks)
  • Desalination System
  • Pure Water Production System
  • Phosphoric Acid Equipment (H2SO4 Tank, Pipe…)
  • Phosphoric Acid Condenser
  • High Analysis Compound Fertilizer
  • Water Box Condenser
  • Incineration Plant
  • Wet Flue Gas Desulfuration Systems (FGD) plants (i.e scrubbers, piping, agitators and process vessels).
  • Sea water pipe
  • Sand filter for Salt Water
  • Brine Sand Filter
  • Media filter vessel
  • Sea Strainer 
  • Header Manifold
  • Rake for thickener
  • Brine Receiver
  • Brine Shower Pipe
  • Metal Crash Cylinder
  • Water Box Cap
  • Dechlorinator
  • Caustic Soda Tank (NaOH tank)
  • Anion / Cation / Mixed bed Vessel
  • Equipment for the transport and storage of chemical compounds
  • Treatment of gases and fluids
  • Iron-and-steel and metallurgic industry
  • Mineral treatments
  • Launder equipment
  • Attrition Scrubbers 
  • Transport of dangerous materials (HCl, PAC, NAOCl, H2SO4)
  • Paper industry
  • Naval and fishing sector
  • Piping
  • Washer / Cleaner machine
  • Barrel washer
  • Offshore pipe
  • Offshore riser clamp
  • Chemical vessel
  • Chemical transportation 
  • DAP units
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Metal Structures 
  • Filtrate Plate
  • Centrifugal Separator
  • Heat Exchanger for sea water
  • Agitator
  • Rapid Cooling Tank for Incineration
  • FGD Circulation Pipe
  • Limestone Slurry Pipeline
  • Limestone tank


We provide rubber sheet, adhesive, materials and supervisor for rubber lining as Natural HARD rubber: E-5, E-5I, E-7, E-7I, E-8, E-15, E-16, E-18, E-20; Natural SOFT rubber: R-4, R-5, R-6 (R-16), R-7 (R-17),  R-8 (R-18), R-8L; BUTYL Rubber B-5 (B-15), B-5C (B-15C), B-5S, B-7(B-17), B-115, B215; Chloroprene Rubber C-5, C-55, C-55F, C-6 (Neoprene), H-411; SPECIAL MATERIAL (EPDM) S-2, S-6, SPECIAL MATERIAL (NRP) N-8.

Our GLASS FLAKE Coating Business

We offer support in material selection and qualification. And we sales glass flake lining materials base resin Epoxy, Vinylester, Novolak - Type Vinylester, Polyester, Epoxy Novolak, Hybrid Novolak, Het Acid Polyester, Bis-Type Polyester.

Following diagram shows typical OHJI-FLAKE material and its feature.


Flake Resin Characteristics

Advantage of Flake Lining

● Chemical resistance

● Solvent & Organic acid resistance

● Heat resistance

● Blister resistance

● Thermosetting 

● Easy to apply

● No need to cure

● Strong bonding Lining Characteristics

● Easy to repair


● FLAKE 100 SERIES (Heavy corrosion purpose, Thick type)


• Thickness:          Avg. 2mm (2coats)

• Method:              Trowel

• Application:        FGD Duct & Tank, Water Treatment Equip, Chemicals Tank

Chemical tank Grade

Base resin



Bis type Vinyl ester resin

Standard (100℃ liquid)


Novolac type Vinylester resin

Heat resistance (150℃ gas)


Het acid Polyester resin

For oxidizing chemicals

 FLAKE 200 & 300 SERIES
 (Light corrosion purpose, Thin type Heavy corrosion purpose, Thick type)


• Thickness:           Avg. 800μm (200series)

                              Avg. 400μm (300series)

• Method:               Spray or Roller

• Application:         Oil tank, Seawater Pipe, Ocean construction

Chemical tank Grade

Base resin



Bis type Vinylester resin

Standard (60℃‐liquid)


Novolac type Vinylester resin Heat resistance (150℃ gas)


Chemical tank Grade

Base resin



Het acid Polyester resin

For oxidizing chemicals


Bis type Vinylester resin

Standard (55℃ liquid)


Novolac type Vinylester resin

Heat resistance (150℃-gas)