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Flake Lining Maintenance & Repair

We offer repair flake lining on site or shop

Applicables area

- FGS plants
- HCL recycling system
- Electroplating
- Tap water supply system
- Incinerator gas cleaning system
- Brine electrolysis 
- Reaction system and decomposing system
- Petroleum 
- Coke Oven Gas treatment 
- Metal pickling system
- Waste water treament plants 
- Pulp making system


1) Absorber, Tower, Scrubber, Pipe, Duct, Thickeners 

Ha Thanh provide Glass Flake Lining material with OHJI Japan brand name. 

Resin lining Technology has been applied to various kinds of mechanical devices, such as a water purfication equipment, pollution control equipment, seawater desalination equipment, and medical product manufacturing equipment.

2) Pickling Line, Chemicals Storage Tank