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Rubber Lining Material / Natural Soft Rubber (NSR)

Our rubber materials use for application has imported from OHJI (Japan) manufacture. We provide rubber sheet, adhesive, materials and the supervisor which will be best suited for your needs.


Natural Soft Rubber (SNR)

Application good for acid, alkali and abrasion resistance 




General Application

Curing Method



Open steam


Used in the case of extreme slurry abrasion where R -6 is not sufficient.

For abrasion resistance of slurry

42 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Inadequate for slurry abrasion, but applicable for abrasion with large diameter of coarse particle and high loading.

For special abrasion resistance

62 ± 7
Type/Shore A



Standard grade of natural soft rubber for acid resistance.

Alkali-resistance and slurry abrasion resistance shall be separately considered.

Storage and piping for chemical resistance

Suitable for caustic soda

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A



Inadequate for general acid and alkali resistance.

Used for surface application of single or on hard rubber.


Hydrofluoric acid resistance (Only a little amount in phosphoric acid)

67 ± 7
Type/Shore A



Soft rubber blended with hard rubber for vulcanization.

Used as SH type

(SH-8168, SH-8078, SH-78)

70 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Compound of low Ca and Mg

Same as R-6 and R-8

42 ± 7

Type/Shore A

 * With regard to service condition, in the case of food-related, R-6 and (R-16) is

certified by the Japan Ministry of Welfare No.85.