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Rubber Lining Material / Butyl Rubber (IIR) / Summary

Our rubber materials use for application has imported from OHJI (Japan) manufacture. We provide rubber sheet, adhesive, materials and the supervisor which will be best suited for your needs.


Butyl Rubber (IIR)

The most resistance for chemical and heat, excellent vapor permeability

in soft rubber. 
Well used for H2SOsolution and FGD services




General Application

Curing Method



Open steam



Standard grade of butyl rubber.

The most chemical resistance rubber.

Excellent in vapor permeability among the natural rubber.

Certified as water supply standard.

(JWWA Z109:2004)

Excellent resistance to HSO and HFFGD equipment

Phosphoric acid plant

57 ± 7

Type/hore A



Halogenated (chlorinated) butyl rubber.

Same performance as B-5 (B-15)

FGD system in overseas

57 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Pre-cured type butyl rubber.

Not necessary for vulcanization.

Large size tank for field

For repair at FGD system

Not Required

52 ± 7

Type/Shore A



Butyl rubber for NaClO (Black)

Storage and piping of hypo-chlorite soda

57 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Non contamination grade for phosphoric acid.

High quality phosphoric acid storage.

57 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Non contamination grade for sulfuric acid

High quality sulfuric storage

57 ± 7

Type/Shore A

 * With regard to service condition, in the case of food-related, B-5, B-5CS, B-5BS và B-15 is certified by the Japan Ministry of Welfare No.85.