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Rubber Lining Material / Butyl Rubber (IIR) / Process

Receiving Inspection

We inspect if steel substrate do not have any troubles for rubber lining application.

(Design, Fabrication, Inspection)

Appearance Inspection, Size Inspection  


Foundation treatment of surface by sand blast or grid blast to remove rust and scale completely.

Surface cleanness is Sa 2 1/2 according to ISO8501. (Near White)


Application of primer and rubber bond.

Appearance Inspection  

Rubber Lining

Rubber sheet shall be cut into designated size and lined by hand roller.

Inspection before Curing

We confirm if there are any defects on rubber lining under un-cured condition.

If defects exist, they shall be repaired in advance.

Appearance Inspection, Pinhole Inspection, Thickness Inspection  


Very important process to decide the quality of rubber lining.

We pay close attention to temperature and time.


We smooth lining surface of flange part with grinder.

Internal Inspection

Inspection of pinhole, hardness, thickness and appearance.

Pressure and agitator inspection at your request.

Appearance Inspection, Pinhole Inspection, Thickness Inspection, Hardness Inspection  

External Painting

Painting for equipment surface at your request.

Witness Inspection

Final inspection in the presence of customer.

Appearance Inspection, Pinhole Inspection, Thickness Inspection, Hardness Inspection  


Products with appropriate packing will be free from damage during transport.

It will delivered to places as per your request by track, ship and other transportation.