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Maintenance & Repair
Total Maintenance System

We offer precise and complete consulting services including life predeiction and emergency repair at site which are enabled by many maintenance experience and minute analysis techniquues. 

Ha Thanh provides a complete range of inspection, repair and maintenance services.

Experienced technical technicial staff will test and analyze the every detail. We carry out temporary repair and re-lining works and suggestion maintance plan for futher safety operation and trouble prevent. 

We Planning

Inspection >> Temporary Repair >> Testing and Proposal of Futher Plan

Our Process For Rubber Lining


1) Planning of Inspection

Investigation of past record and preparation of inspection planning sheet.


2) Inspection

Un-destruction inspection: appearance, pinhole, hammering, thickness and hardness on site

Destruction inspection: adhesion, strength, drying loss of material in our laboratory.


3) Temporary Repair

Temporary repair of defective points.


4) Results of Inspection and Diagnosis

We analyze results and prepare a inspection report.

This report enables grasping and comparing equipment's condition easily.


5) Suggestion about Maintenance Plan

We suggest maintenance plan for partial repair, full renewal and long-term application on request.

We placement new steel and apply new rubber lining 

We check - inspection and analysis problem and offer solutions 

Repair rubber lining


Repair rubber lining



Defect and Judgement Blister



Leakage, Corrosion

We offer High-Quality maintenance services to prevent serious accidents

Damage and Separation


Partial Wearing, abrasion

Inspection lining surface HCl tank


Inspection lining surface for HCl storage tank

Repair damage and corrosion by rubber at site


Final check by pinhole equipment