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Rubber Lining Material / Natural Soft Rubber (SNR) / Summary

Our rubber materials use for application has imported from OHJI (Japan) manufacture. We provide rubber sheet, adhesive, materials and the supervisor which will be best suited for your needs.


● Natural Soft Rubber (SNR) - Good for acid, alkali and abrasion resistance. 




General Application

Curing Method



Open steam


Used in the case of extreme slurry abrasion where R -6 is not sufficient.

For abrasion resistance of slurry

42 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Inadequate for slurry abrasion, but applicable for abrasion with large diameter of coarse particle and high loading.

For special abrasion resistance

62 ± 7
Type/Shore A



Standard grade of natural soft rubber for acid resistance.

Alkali-resistance and slurry abrasion resistance shall be separately considered.

Storage and piping for chemical resistance

Suitable for caustic soda

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A



Inadequate for general acid and alkali resistance.

Used for surface application of single or on hard rubber.


Hydrofluoric acid resistance (Only a little amount in phosphoric acid)

67 ± 7
Type/Shore A



Soft rubber blended with hard rubber for vulcanization.

Used as SH type

(SH-8168, SH-8078, SH-78)

70 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Compound of low Ca and Mg

Same as R-6 and R-8

42 ± 7

Type/Shore A


 * With regard to service condition, in the case of food-related, R-6(R-16) is certified by the Japan Ministry of Welfare No.85.