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Glass Flake Lining Material / OHJI FLAKE


Flake Lining is a type of lining application in which a coating containing a substrate with mixtures of ultrathin glass flake and acid, alkali, solvent and gas-resistant thermosetting resin has been added.

In the resin, few microns of glass flakes are layered (see the image of water vapour permeability). They are not allowed to permeate chemicals and gas, even if their films are thin, due to the low water vapour permeability.

It features the small liner coefficient of expansion and further low shrinkage both during and after hardening. That increases adhesion to a steel substrate. Those stable properties provide robust protection against potential peering and cracks caused by repetitive use in high temperature


Reinforced Corrosion Protection Lining

Flake lining is anti-corrosive coating system for servere exposures. Flake compound is made from thermosetting liquid resin mixed with glass flakes in microns thick, and applied in a thickness of 0.5~3.0mm.

Glass flakes as barries fillers make the coating much more durable and prevent permeablility of corrosive substances, as the layers of laminated glass flakes (50~100 layers in 1mm thickness) form a highly impermable structure


Feature of Flake Lining
  • Excellent resistance to various acids, base, solvents & gases
  • Very small vapor permeability
  • Prevention of permeability
  • Small shrinkage at curing
  • Small thermal expansion
  • Curing at room temp.
  • Easily application at site
  • Maintenance free
  • Short time application

Flake lining has excellent chemical resistance against most of acid, base, solvent and gas. Type of resin could be selected in accordance to the kind of service chemical.

In general, following features are given for flake lining.

Good Point

(1) Easy field application – Material hardening at normal temperature
(2) Short application time – Easy for maintenance
(3) Excellent chemical resistance and high temperature service – Up to 150℃ for gas
(4) Reasonable cost

Not Good Point & Solution

(1) Shock absorption – Combination of application with FRP reinforcement
(2) Abrasion resistance – Compounding with ceramic resin or rubber reinforcement
(3) Workmanship defect – Need to supervise workmanship during application and quality control

Our flake materials use for application has imported from OHJI (Japan) manufacture. We are provide flake materials or the supervisor which will be best suited for your needs.

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