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Rubber Lining Material / Chloroprene Rubber (CR)

Our rubber materials use for application has imported from OHJI (Japan) manufacture. We provide rubber sheet, adhesive, materials and the supervisor which will be best suited for your needs.

Chloroprene Rubber (CR) 

Good for weather, Ozone and Oil resistance.

Well used for sea water equipment. 



General Application

Curing Method



Open steam


Better performance for workability of lining application.

Seawater pipe

Water box condenser

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Self vulcanization type of CR

Vulcanization with operating temperature.

NaOH storage, PAC, CaCl

Wastewater treatment equipment

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Food grade of self vulcanization type of CR

Storage tank for NaOH as a food additive

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Standard grade of CR

Except oxidizing chemical resistance, heat and oil resistance, also excellent in ozone resistance.

Can be applied for coexistent with hydrofluoric acid such as phosphoric acid production.

Phosphoric acid production related equipment

Seawater pipe

Water box condenser

62 ± 7

Type/Shore A


Certified with standard of water service (JIS K 6353-1997)

Tap water piping


62 ±7

Type/Shore A

* With regard to service condition, in the case of food-related, C-55F is certified by the Japan Ministry of Welfare No.85.