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Our Facilities

Ha Thanh Equipment & Facilities service for R/L and F/L work. 

Rubber lining Equipment & Facilities


Rubber lining workshop      


Storage yard         


Grit/Sand shot blasting room   


Painting shop


Rubber and adhesive refer store


Large – sized Vulcanizing Autoclave (Ø4,000x 12,000mmL) / Adamson Type

1 unit

Small – sized Vulcanizing Autoclave (Ø1,300x 3,600mmL)

1 unit

Lining tools (Japan)

30 lot

Inspections special tools (AC, DC) (Japan, Germany. USA, UK)

-      Pinhole Detector (UK & Japan)

-      Hardness Tester (Shore A, Shore D) (Japan)

-      Thickness Gauge (Germany & USA)

-      Surface Tester (UK)

-      Tempt. Recorder for site vulcanizing (Japan)


2 set

4 set

2 set

1 set

3 set

Steam hose


Horizontal Steam Boiler for shop lining (1.5 ton/hr)

1 unit

Portable horizontal boiler for site lining (1 ton/hr) and Accessories       

1 unit

Portable boiler (50kg/hr) and Accessories       

1 unit

Portable fan 1500cbm/hr; 28000cbm/hr

6 unit

Bond mixed machine (0.75kw; 4kw; 7.5kw)

3 unit

Gantry double beam crane 10 ton (B14xH8.5xL45m) – Podem / Bulgaria

1 unit

Overhead hoist double beam 5 ton (B6xH7.5xL30m) – Podem / Bulgaria

1 unit

Overhead hoist single beam 5 ton (B6xH7.5xL30m) – Podem / Bulgaria

1 unit

Ceiling Overhead hoist crane 1 ton (B6xH7.5xL25m) – Nipon  / Japan

1 unit

Cargo truck 2,5 ton; Pick-up (850kg)

3 unit

Forklift truck 3.0 ton; 2.0 ton

2 unit

Screw & Piston Portabe Air compressor (100HP); (30HP); (20HP) & (1Hp, 2Hp)

5 unit

High pressure washing machine (800Barg; 200barg; 100barg) for finishing rubber lining

3 unit

Airless spray pump (63:1); (45:1)

2 set

Electric spray pump (Graco)

1 set

Power tooling (Air type, electric type)

30 set

Dry container 20 feet; Reefer cont. 20ft; Mobile office cont. 20ft

4 unit

Scaffloding Tube (BS-1139), couplers, Plate, Sheet, Strip, Plank, Lader, Accessories 

1 lot

CO2, TIG welding machine

6 unit

Wooden cutting machine

1 unit

Grinding table machine

1 unit


Rubber Lining Factory


Storage yard

Small – Sized Vulcanizing Autoclave


Large size Vulcanizing Autoclave

Rubber lining factory


Gantry Crane 10T